Course Title: Action Teens On Target
Course Prefix: ATOT
Cost: $30
Age: 13-18

Action Teens On Target

Action Teens On Target is an introductory course for young shooters to gain knowledge and experience in the exciting and competitive world of action shooting. This is more than a just a “come shoot some cool stuff with us” event. This is a hands on, down range, exciting training event that will take young shooters from shooting from the ready position in place, to drawing and shooting, to shooting on the move.

This is not a specific Action Shooting sport training class but rather a way to experience a wide variety of different action shooting disciplines in single and multi-gun stages. Each month young shooters will be exposed to a different discipline of Action Shooting from IDPA, USPSA, NRA Action to GSSF.

Topics Covered:
• Safety
• Pistol Marksmanship Fundamentals
• Drawing techniques
• Movement techniques with a firearm
• Rules from some of the different Action Disciplines

Equipment Required:
• Firearms, ammunition and holsters will be provided
• Eye and ear protection (can be provided)
• Pants or Shorts with a belt loop and a good sturdy belt is required.
• Proper foot wear, tennis shoes or boots (NO SANDALS OR SLIDES)

Registration and prepayment is required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.

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