If a shotgun is your choice in home defense, you’re in good company. Being such a potent firearm, it’s critical to know how it performs, what power it can deliver, and how to deliver it effectively.
5d5c06bea21d8ae951e26b02c726bd0dIn this class the student will be introduced to defensive stance, handling and proper manipulation techniques for the different common shotgun types. Student will also learn about the wide variety of ammunition and the latest choke tube technologies that have evolved over the last ten years. It’s not your daddy’s scatter gun anymore. With the advent of new ammunition developments combined with choke tube improvements shooters need to be educated regarding pellet spread and patterning.
In addition we will help to dispel what we call the “The Deadly Shotgun Myths.”
“You don’t have to aim it, just point the thing down the hallway”
“All you have to do is rack the pump and the intruder will run away.”
“Shotguns are less dangerous to neighbors and co-inhabitants because the pellets will not go through the walls.”
This class is a combination of classroom and a live fire exercise. Students will need to bring:
Shotgun: 12 or 20 gauge, semi-auto or pump actions only. No pistol grips without stock capable of reaching the shoulder.
15 rounds of low-recoil buckshot.
15 rounds of low-recoil slugs.
Eye and Ear Protection
Notebook with pen/pencil
It is our sincere hope that you will leave this class with sound basic techniques and a greater appreciation for how versatile the shotgun can be and how to best tailor it for your personal home defense solution.


Start Time: 6:30 PM
End Time: 9:30 PM

Date: September 4, 2015

PBR – South Charlotte
10726 Monroe Rd
Matthews, NC