Pocket pistols are nothing new.  They’ve been with us since the Metallic Cartridge.  They used to be call “Vest Pocket” guns, but when people stopped wearing pocket watches has a fashion statement, they stopped wearing the vests and it’s all been down hill since then.   But the pocket guns are still with us, thank goodness.   One of the most famous, and probably the best of the original pocket guns was the Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless.  A great little pistol so ahead of it’s time, it has influenced small handgun design ever since.  Now, the 1903 was chambered in .32, but in 1908 they bumped it up into .380 Auto, and that’s when it got real interesting.  Moving forward in history to the year 1983, same year Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller” came out… Colt brings forth the “Mustang Pocketlite”.  An almost revolutionary pistol that was just Steve McQueen Cool.  It had a production run that lasted until 1996.  Since then, the Mustang had been one of those guns that people scoured Gun Shows for.  Prices sometimes reached as much as double the original MSRP if the gun was in any decent condition.


In 2009 SIG produced the P238.  A small .380 Auto that basically took the Mustang concept, and rebooted it harder than JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek.  SIG brought all the modern manufacturing advanced to bear, threw in the upgrades that people want, and hit a home run.  It really rocked the market that was awash in cheap polymer .380 pocket guns… this was different.  And different was good.  It had refinement.  It had class.  It had character.  It quickly became the gun of choice for the astute gun buyer.


Colt was finally rousted awake again in 2011 and they brought back the Mustang, along with the Mustang XSP which is a polymer framed version.  Unfortunately for Colt, they didn’t improve the Mustang at all.  They didn’t put in the dovetailed front sight like the SIG has, so high vis or tritium night sights are not an option.  But here’s the thing… The gun really doesn’t need it.  It’s the classic formula.  It’s like a Harley Davidson.  It’s still cool because it was the original that set the rules and no matter how much anyone else tries, all they are going to be is a clone.  This is why Honda Shadows lose value by the minute compared to the Harley.  You either want the original Colt, or you don’t.


Not to be outdone and finally noticing that not everyone wants a Pocket .45 Auto, Kimber recently raised it’s hand and said “Me too!  Me too!” They brought out their Mustang Clone and called it the Kimber “Micro”.  Being fashionably late to the party is not always a bad thing.  And Kimber walked into the room like they owned the place.  The Micro has refinements that even make the SIG look rough.   Like the Kardashians, Kimber is an expert when it comes to Cosmetics.  The Kimber just looks so good.  I gotta give Kimber credit.  This is one fine little pistol.  It feels just as good as it looks, and quite frankly, is what the Mustang should have been.  Especially the second time around.  And unlike the Mustang, the Micro has different cosmetic package options just like SIG offers.  However the Kimber’s options are far more upscale and refined.  For example, the Crimson Trace Laser Grips are an option for the Micro, where as the SIG only gets the more pedestrian Laser Guard option.  So that’s a huge bonus in the Micro’s favor.


All things considered, all three guns are similar in size, weight, and mechanics.  Which one is right for you, really comes down to personal taste and what features you prefer.  It’s like picking out which flavor of ice cream is best.  All three are great little guns and will serve you well as an every day concealment gun.  Now, if you have a hard time picking one of them… don’t worry.  We don’t limit you.  You can collect all three!

These pistols and many more are available at your local Point Blank Range location.