Come test drive the Glock 41 at Point Blank Range Friday, July 25 – Sunday, July 27, 2014. Five dollars gets you five shots with the Glock with no lane fee for the test drive. This test drive is in honor of our special pricing on the Glock 41 for these three days.

Chambered in .45acp with a 5.3″ barrel, the Glock 41 is a great choice for competition and recreational shooting with a long sight radius for better accuracy, reduced muzzle flip and 13+1 capacity.  Take it for a spin this weekend and you’ll be impressed! Friday thru Sunday this weekend!

$5 gets you 5 shots-if you like your Test Drive enough to purchase the gun, you’ll not only get an unbelievable deal on the gun but we’ll back it up with our Lifetime Warranty

Range Ammo

.22LR           $5.99/50 rnds

5.7×28          $29.99/50

.380             $15.99/25, JHP

9mm            $16.99/50

.38               $19.99/50

.40               $22.99/50

.45               $25.99/50

5.56             $10.99/20

300              $26.99/20

.308             $24.99/20