This Memorial Day weekend at Point Blank Range – a Special Shooter’s Package for those of you who just love to sling lead.   Have you ever wanted to shoot the iconic Thompson sub-machine gun?  What about a full auto M4 like our soldiers use?  With a suppressor attached?  This Memorial Day weekend you can shoot both and any number of guns from our extensive rental gun inventory for one low price.  Beginning Friday May 23rd thru Monday May 26th you get our all day range fee, safety gear and unlimited use of our range guns, all day, for only $50!  This special does not include ammo and targets.

We have the most impressive lineup of rental guns in the Charlotte area including semi-auto long guns like the SCAR, SOCOM top selection Daniel Defense MK18 SBR (short barrel rifle) and SIG 516 SWAT.  We have over 80 handguns in all calibers from .22LR to .50AE.  Get your picture up on your FB page with the Dirty Harry classic Model 29 .44 MAGNUM.  How many of your friends can do that?  Whatever your fancy in revolvers, semi-autos and 1911’s like the Nighthawk Custom GRP!   Any combination of calibers, big and small, for one low price.

And if that wasn’t enough…we decided to throw in our entire line up of machine guns.  Thompson sub-machinegun, LMT M4, UZI, HK UMP, Beretta PM12, Sten MKIV, Colt M4 SBR, MAC 11 and the FNH P90.  The opportunity to try all these great machine guns for $50 may never come along again so join us this weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day with a big bang.  Lots of them!

*All rental guns require the use of new ammo purchased at the time of use from Point Blank Range.  This is a manufacturer’s warranty requirement for our rental firearms.