Well the guys really brought the heat on the last night of competition. Scores were still climbing.
Congratulations to Scott Whitehead on his first place win. Also big shout out to Brent Johnson 2nd and Darren White 3rd. It was a close match. Stay tuned for 2.0 this winter!

 Mens League 1.0 OCT 15, and Final League Results   
10/15/13Course #1Course #2Total
Scott Whitehead231243474
Daniel Jones239232471
Thomas Sholar246224470
Jimmy Deaton228224452
Brent Johnson226214440
Darren White230207437
Bill Howard233157390
Fred Wermuth215160375
Mike Case210152362
John Bruzdzinski193120313
FINAL Standings 1.0
Scott Whitehead1890Best Four1st Place
Brent Johnson1871Best Four2nd Place
Darren White1865Best Four3rd Place
Daniel Jones1827Best Four
Thomas Sholar1822Best Four
Jimmy Deaton1789Best Four
Tom Johansen1766Best Four
John Bruzdzinski1662Best Four
Bill Howard1620Best Four
Mike Stires1595Best Four
Bob O'Connell1561Best Four
Mike Case1513Best Four
Fred Wermuth1456Best Four
Bill Spray781Less than 4 submitted
Gary Preston757Best Four
James Cooke653Less than 4 submitted
Robert Stogner631Less than 4 submitted
Keith Lindstrom624Less than 4 submitted
Dylan Bloomer616Less than 4 submitted
Dave Richardson464Less than 4 submitted
Stags397Less than 4 submitted
Ryan Krisel313Less than 4 submitted
Jeremy Wopper201Less than 4 submitted