Congrats to Lisa on her win on the 26th. Nice shooting!

Ladies League 5.0 Sept 26, 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Lisa Shriver247213460
Rena O'Connell240194434
Tracy Goodman232201433
Karen Christensen218186404
Lynn Bruzdzinski212191403
Suzanne Bloomer239154393
Dee Rose242141383
Cindy Contos242134376
JoVanka Black233124357
Barbara Preston219127346
5.0 Current Standings
Lisa ShriverBest Four1845
Tracy GoodmanBest Four1703
Rena O'ConnellBest Four1655
Suzanne BloomerBest Four1602
Lynn BruzdzinskiBest Four1602
Karen ChristensenLess than 4 submitted1207
Carol KeisterLess than 4 submitted1126
Cindy ContosLess than 4 submitted1047
Barbara PrestonLess than 4 submitted1037
Cathy StognerLess than 4 submitted805
Jovanka BlackLess than 4 submitted692
Jay DunnLess than 4 submitted383
Dee RoseLess than 4 submitted383
Katie EzellLess than 4 submitted308