Congratulations to Brent Johnson on his win and his move back into 1st place in the standings. Two opportunities to upgrade your scores. League ends OCT 15th.

Mens League 1.0 Sept 10th, 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Brent Johnson234237471
Scott Whitehead233237470
Tom Johansen229236465
Jimmy Deaton220237457
Darren White232211443
Daniel Jones224217441
Bill Howard235179414
John Bruzdzinski218190408
Mike Stires214173387
Dylan Bloomer191155346
Fred Wermuth186149335
Bob O'Connell175145320
Gary Preston9079169
Current Standings
Brent Johnson1871Best Four
Darren White1865Best Four
Scott Whitehead1842Best Four
Thomas Sholar1792Best Four
Daniel Jones1790Best Four
Tom Johansen1766Best Four
Jimmy Deaton1720Best Four
John Bruzdzinski1662Best Four
Bill Howard1590Best Four
Bob O'Connell1555Best Four
Fred Wermuth1418Best Four
Mike Stires1171Less than 4 submitted
Mike Case1151Less than 4 submitted
Bill Spray781Less than 4 submitted
Gary Preston757Best Four
James Cooke653Less than 4 submitted
Robert Stogner631Less than 4 submitted
Keith Lindstrom624Less than 4 submitted
Dylan Bloomer616Less than 4 submitted
Stags397Less than 4 submitted
Ryan Krisel313Less than 4 submitted
Jeremy Wopper201Less than 4 submitted