Congrats to Darren White on his win the other night! Lots of jockeying for position in the standings.

Mens League 1.0 August 13, 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Darren White228238466
Brent Johnson246217463
Daniel Jones227207434
Tom Johansen178239417
John Bruzdzinski213204417
Bob O'Connell212197409
Jimmy Deaton191204395
Mike Case208172380
Bill Howard219155374
Fred Wermuth180132312
Gary Preston12965194
Current Standings
Brent Johnson1863Best Four
Darren White1845Best Four
Scott Whitehead1819Best Four
Thomas Sholar1792Best Four
Tom Johansen1698Best Four
Jimmy Deaton1660Best Four
John Bruzdzinski1609Best Four
Bob O'Connell1537Best Four
Bill Howard1507Best Four
Fred Wermuth1373Best Four
Daniel Jones1328Less than 4 submitted
Mike Case1151Less than 4 submitted
Bill Spray781Less than 4 submitted
Gary Preston741Best Four
James Cooke653Less than 4 submitted
Robert Stogner631Less than 4 submitted
Keith Lindstrom624Less than 4 submitted
Stags397Less than 4 submitted
Mike Stires386Less than 4 submitted
Ryan Krisel313Less than 4 submitted
Jeremy Wopper201Less than 4 submitted