Ladies League 5.0 begin! Congrats to Lisa on her win the other night.

Ladies League 5.0 AUG 08, 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Lisa Shriver246216462
Tracy Goodman232196428
Cathy Stogner231190421
Lynn Bruzdzinski202197399
Rena O'Connell185208393
Jay Dunn214169383
Barbara Preston217159376
Suzanne Bloomer224140364
Katie Ezell166142308
Cindy Contos150118268
5.0 Current Standings
Lisa ShriverLess than 4 submitted428
Tracy GoodmanLess than 4 submitted428
Cathy StognerLess than 4 submitted421
Lynn BruzdzinskiLess than 4 submitted399
Rena O'ConnellLess than 4 submitted393
Jay DunnLess than 4 submitted383
Barbara PrestonLess than 4 submitted376
Suzanne BloomerLess than 4 submitted364
Katie EzellLess than 4 submitted308
Cindy ContosLess than 4 submitted268