Congrats to Lynn on her win last week.

Ladies League 4.0 June 20, 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Lynn Bruzdzinski239179418
Paige Spray230184414
Lisa Shriver219195414
Tracy Goodman231179410
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)206202408
Jay Dunn215185400
Karen Christensen222171393
Rena O'Connell136201337
Barbara Preston193136329
Current Standings
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)Best of 4 submitted1721
Lisa ShriverBest of 4 submitted1701
Lynn BruzdzinskiBest of 4 submitted1686
Tracy GoodmanBest of 4 submitted1655
Rena O'ConnellBest of 4 submitted1648
Paige SprayBest of 4 submitted1628
Karen ChristensenBest of 4 submitted1592
Barbara PrestonBest of 4 submitted1523
Carol KeisterBest of 4 submitted1523
Jay DunnBest of 4 submitted1499
Kristen QuackenbushLess than 4 submitted1200
Cathy StognerLess than 4 submitted1167
Cheri SimmonsLess than 4 submitted1148
Lindsay HughesLess than 4 submitted1144
Marcie ParisiLess than 4 submitted694
Kari CaronLess than 4 submitted609
Suzanne BloomerLess than 4 submitted575
Merrilynn Harmon345