Special shout out to Kari for the vastly improved score. Nice work.

Ladies League 4.0 MAY 2 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Mystery Shooter N.E.251204455
Page Spray224208432
Tracy Goodman227197424
Cheri Simmons227194421
Lisa Shriver236173409
Cathy Stogner214189403
Kristin Quackenbush211185396
Jay Dunn200167367
Carol Keister191175366
Lindsay Hughes223142365
Lynn Bruzdzinski181174355
Barbara Preston183170353
Kari Caron188143331
Karen Christensen182148330
Suzanne Bloomer107118225
Current Standings
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)Less than 4 submiited1331
Lynn BruzdzinskiLess than 4 submiited1227
Tracy GoodmanLess than 4 submiited1216
Kristen QuackenbushLess than 4 submiited1200
Lisa ShriverLess than 4 submiited1178
Barbara PrestonLess than 4 submiited1153
Carol KeisterLess than 4 submiited1152
Lindsay HughesLess than 4 submiited1144
Karen ChristensenLess than 4 submiited1128
Jay DunnLess than 4 submiited1026
Rena O'ConnellLess than 4 submiited829
Paige SprayLess than 4 submiited810
Cathy StognerLess than 4 submiited776
Cheri SimmonsLess than 4 submiited768
Marcie ParisiLess than 4 submiited694
Kari CaronLess than 4 submiited609
Suzanne BloomerLess than 4 submiited225