Congrats to Lisa Shriver on her win this last week. Ladies League 4.0 is now heating up. Note that some now have FOUR targets in.

Hope to see everyone on June 6th.

Ladies League 4.0 MAY 16, 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Lisa Shriver227204431
Rena O'Connell229196425
Paige Spray223181404
Karen Christensen206195401
Lynn Bruzdzinski163233396
Tracy Goodman228168396
Jay Dunn240145385
Carol Keister175196371
Barbara Preston217153370
Merrilyn Harmon204141345
Current Standings
Lynn BruzdzinskiBest of Four1623
Tracy GoodmanBest of Four1612
Lisa ShriverBest of Four1609
Karen ChristensenBest of Four1529
Barbara PrestonBest of Four1523
Carol KeisterBest of Four1523
Jay DunnBest of Four1411
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)Less Than 4 submitted1313
Rena O'ConnellLess Than 4 submitted1254
Paige SprayLess Than 4 submitted1214
Kristen QuackenbushLess Than 4 submitted1200
Lindsay HughesLess Than 4 submitted1144
Cathy StognerLess Than 4 submitted776
Cheri SimmonsLess Than 4 submitted768
Marcie ParisiLess Than 4 submitted694
Kari CaronLess Than 4 submitted609
Merrilynn HarmonLess Than 4 submitted345
Suzanne BloomerLess Than 4 submitted225