Germain Racing wins the night. Hendrick Motorsports holds on to the lead but EGR gains by over two seconds. The team event played a big role in the scores. Germain reduced thier time by 18 seconds. Bigest deduction of the night.

See you all next week.

Motorsports Team Challenge 2013 Spring Recoil April 10 StandingsCombined4/10/2013
Hendrick Motorsports138.5333.58
Earnhardt Ganassi Racing163.2331.43
Germain Racing166.3328.63
Earnhardt Ganassi Racing FAB175.2645.41
Michael Waltrip Racing186.1157.92
Kinetic Racing Tech240.7166.83
Joe Gibbs Racing248.0259.46
Hendrick Blue Steel270.6783.78
Team Ingorsol Rand292.4768.60
Coulter Motorsports309.6772.06