Congratulations to Carol on her win March 7th. March 21st will be the last night of this league. There are some competitors that still do not have in four targets. Remember we keep the best four targets so the more time you shoot the better your odds to up your average. The standings at the bottom of the page reflect each competitor?s best four target totals.

Ladies League 3.0 MAR 7th 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Carol Keister215222437
Lisa Shriver235185420
Rena O'Connell217188405
Lindsay Hughes214218432
Tracy Goodman238164402
Mystery Shooter N.E.232170402
Paige Spray231169400
Cindy Contos191199390
Cathy Stogner201181382
Karen Christensen215167382
Barbara Preston180201381
Kristin Quackenbush209168377
Lynn Bruzdzinski212154366
Lindsay Hughes158146304
Current Standings
Lisa Shriver1669Best Four
Tracy Goodman1599Best Four
Cindy Contos1583Best Four
Paige Spray1580Best Four
Carol Keister1566Best Four
Lynn Bruzdzinski1552Best Four
Lindsay Hughes1507Best Four
Karen Christensen1462Best Four
Cathy Stogner1450Best Four
Kristin Quackenbush1440Best Four
Rene O'Connell1241Less than 4 submitted
Barbara Preston1073Less than 4 submitted
Kari Caron924Less than 4 submitted
Marcie Parisi660Less than 4 submitted
Katie Ezell622Less than 4 submitted
Kathleen Sweeney556Less than 4 submitted
Mystery Shooter1666Best Four