Congratulations to Lisa  Shriver on her Ladies League 3.0 victory. From what I have seen all  the scores have been coming up. Awesome job everyone. This was a fun  match to watch the progress and advancements being made. Ladies League  4.0 begins April 4th. Hope to see you all there.

Ladies League 3.0 MAR 21st 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Lisa Shriver237200437
Karen Christensen217218435
Mystery Shooter N.E.214202416
Rena O'Connell205207412
Cindy Contos215186401
Tracy Goodman197198395
Paige Spray215166381
Lynn Bruzdzinski208169377
Cathy Stogner211166377
Lindsay Hughes224150374
Barbara Preston183182365
Carol Keister143203346
Kristin Quackenbush160183343
Kari Caron173136309
Marcie Parisi19987286
Current Standings
Lisa Shriver1698Best Four
Rene O'Connell1653Best Four
Cindy Contos1618Best Four
Tracy Goodman1603Best Four
Paige Spray1594Best Four
Lynn Bruzdzinski1573Best Four
Karen Christensen1572Best Four
Carol Keister1566Best Four
Lindsay Hughes1537Best Four
Cathy Stogner1500Best Four
Kristin Quackenbush1441Best Four
Barbara Preston1438Best Four
Kari Caron1233Best Four
Marcie Parisi946Best Four
Mystery Shooter N.E.1703Best Four
Katie Ezell622Less than 4 submitted
Kathleen Sweeney556Less than 4 submitted