Congratulations Rena on your win. This is going to be a really ….really interesting finsh line.

Ladies League 3.0 FEB 21st 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Rena O'Connell221213434
Lindsay Hughes214218432
Lisa Shriver229185414
Paige Spray207207414
Tracy Goodman213192405
Carol Keister179200379
Kristin Quackenbush203172375
Cindy Contos182184366
Karen Christensen192163355
Lynn Bruzdzinski181168349
Barbara Preston165169334
Cathy Stogner188144332
Paige Spray209190399
Kari Caron179137316
Katie Ezell179130309
Kathleen Sweeney18883271
Marcie Parisi14271213
Current Standings
Cindy Contos1559Best Four
Lynn Bruzdzinski1552Best Four
Lindsay Hughes1507Best Four
Paige Spray1494Best Four
Kristin Quackenbush1389Best Four
Karen Christensen1355Best Four
Carol Keister1351Best Four
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)1264Less than 4 submitted
Lisa Shiver1249Less than 4 submitted
Tracy Goodman1197Less than 4 submitted
Cathy Stogner1068Less than 4 submitted
Kari Caron924Less than 4 submitted
Rene O'Connell836Less than 4 submitted
Barbara Preston692Less than 4 submitted
Marcie Parisi660Less than 4 submitted
Katie Ezell622Less than 4 submitted
Kathleen Sweeney556Less than 4 submitted