Ladies League 3.0 Jan 24th 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)223233456
Lynn Bruzdzinski222193415
Lisa Shriver233175408
Rene O'Connell213189402
Cindy Contos203194397
Tracy Goodman208183391
Lindsay Hughes210177387
Paige Spray154213367
Kristin Quackenbush183159342
Cathy Stogner216111327
Karen Christensen206119325
Katie Ezell171142313
Kari Caron186121307
Carol Keister13290222
Marcie Parisi16749216
Course #1Course #2Total
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)000
Lynn Bruzdzinski000
Lisa Shriver000
Rene O'Connell000
Cindy Contos000
Tracy Goodman000
Lindsy Hughes000
Paige Spray000
Kristin Quackenbush000
Cathy Stogner000
Karen Christensen000
Katie Ezell000
Kari Caron000
Carol Keister000
Marcie Parisi000
Current Standings
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)885Less than 4 submitted
Tracy Goodman792Less than 4 submitted
Cindy Contos763Less than 4 submitted
Lynn Bruzdzinski758Less than 4 submitted
Cathy Stogner736Less than 4 submitted
Lindsay Hughes721Less than 4 submitted
Paige Spray681Less than 4 submitted
Kristin Quackenbush661Less than 4 submitted
Kari Caron608Less than 4 submitted
Carol Keister585Less than 4 submitted
Karen Christensen600Less than 4 submitted
Rene O'Connell402Less than 4 submitted
Katie Ezell313Less than 4 submitted
Marcie Parisi216Less than 4 submitted

We had a good turn out the other night and the scores and standings are starting to take shape. Remember the best four scores will determine the winner for the 3.0 league. There is still time to join the fun and be challenged by the new courses of fire.