Ladies sorry for the delayed results. I was not able to complete all the scoring before leaving for the SHOT show. Wow! the new course of fire has really shook things up a bit. Remember, we will keep the best FOUR target scores and this league will end before the end of March 2013.

Ladies….start your engines!

Ladies League 3.0 Jan 10th 2013 Results   
Course #1Course #2Total
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)228201429
Cathy Stogner238171409
Tracy Goodman212189401
Cindy Contos188178366
Carol Keister194169363
Lynn Bruzdzinski170173343
Lindsay Hughes195139334
Kristin Quackenbush206113319
Paige Spray160154314
Kari Caron199102301
Karen Christensen151124275
Current Standings
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)Less than 4 submitted
Cathy StognerLess than 4 submitted
Tracy GoodmanLess than 4 submitted
Cindy ContosLess than 4 submitted
Carol KeisterLess than 4 submitted
Lynn BruzdzinskiLess than 4 submitted
Lindsay HughesLess than 4 submitted
Kristin QuackenbushLess than 4 submitted
Paige SprayLess than 4 submitted
Kari CaronLess than 4 submitted
Karen ChristensenLess than 4 submitted