The race is now very tight and the scores are rising. This should be quite a race to the finish. Remember this Fall League ends on Dec 27th. Still time to up your best of four.

Ladies League 2.0 NOV 28th Match Results    
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Paige Spray628981232
Lynn Bruzdzinski547880212
Lisa Shriver598671216
Mystery Shooter623979180
Cathy Stogner565450160
Kari Caron595754170
Karen Christensen365363152
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Paige Spray638680229
Lynn Bruzdzinski638070213
Lisa Shriver517252175
Mystery Shooter725053175
Cathy Stogner577947183
Kari Caron234059122
Karen Christensen12473695
Current Standings (Fall League)
Paige Spray834Best FOUR
Lynn Burzdzinski832Best FOUR
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)809Best FOUR
Lisa Shriver805Best FOUR
Rena O'Connell691Best FOUR
Cathy Stogner662Best FOUR
Cindy Contos616Best FOUR
Tracy Goodman581Best FOUR
Kari Caron578Best FOUR
Karen Christensen528Best FOUR
Kristen Quackenbush522Best FOUR
Lindsay Hughes449Best FOUR
Katie Ezell438Best FOUR