Ladies, the Fall league is starting to heat up. Many have their first four targets submitted but some do not. So there should be some distinct movement in the overall standings after our next get together on November 8th.
Good luck everyone….and there is still time to join up.

Ladies League 2.0 Oct 25th Results    
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Mystery Shooter506366179
Paige Spray685962189
Lisa Shriver486375186
Rena O'Connell684858174
Lynn Bruzdzinski416732140
Cindy Contos564627129
Karen Christensen343163128
Lindsay Hughes354647128
Kristin Quackenbush143963116
Kari Caron22403496
Katie Ezell483135114
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Mystery Shooter698373225
Paige Spray727141184
Lisa Shriver525974185
Rena O'Connell536454171
Lynn Bruzdzinski358375193
Cindy Contos577336166
Karen Christensen134853114
Lindsay Hughes324535112
Kristin Quackenbush9523596
Kari Caron443434112
Katie Ezell2272756
Current Standings (Fall League)
Lisa Shriver747Best FOUR
Paige Spray719Best FOUR
Lynn Bruzdzinski651Best FOUR
Rena O'Connell583Best FOUR
Kristen Quackenbush522Best FOUR
Lindsay Hughes447Best FOUR
Mystery Shooter404Less than 4 submitted
Katie Ezell403Best FOUR
Cindy Contos295Less than 4 submitted
Tracy Goodman284Less than 4 submitted
Cathy Stogner267Less than 4 submitted
Karen Christensen242Less than 4 submitted
Kari Caron208Less than 4 submitted