There was only a seven point spread between the top three ladies this last event on 11-08-12. The per target scores are getting higher per individual shooter as well. Bob Scannell our resident Bullseye expert must be rubbing off.
A special shout out to Kari Caron for the most dramatic improvement on her scores.

Ladies please note that the next Ladies League night will be on Wednesday the 28th. Same time and place. This is a one time temporary change due to the holidays and other special events.

Ladies League 2.0 NOV 8th Results    
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Mystery Shooter738270225
Lynn Bruzdzinski307377180
Lisa Shriver637772212
Rena O'Connell605663179
Paige Spray535051154
Cindy Contos455433132
Cathy Stogner576849174
Lindsay Hughes354647128
Tracy Goodman286548141
Kari Caron603045135
Karen Christensen524141134
Lindsay Hughes30263288
Kristen Quackenbush18154174
Katie Ezell27432191
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Mystery Shooter686144173
Lynn Bruzdzinski478483214
Lisa Shriver607346179
Rena O'Connell404978167
Paige Spray625455171
Cindy Contos675864189
Cathy Stogner494254145
Lindsay Hughes324535112
Tracy Goodman505551156
Kari Caron427336151
Karen Christensen16353586
Lindsay Hughes2874883
Kristen Quackenbush15173769
Katie Ezell622836
Current Standings (Fall League)
Mystery Shooter802Best FOUR
Lisa Shriver774Best FOUR
Lynn Bruzdzinski760Best FOUR
Paige Spray719Best FOUR
Rena O'Connell691Best FOUR
Cindy Contos616Best FOUR
Cathy Stogner586Best FOUR
Tracy Goodman581Best FOUR
Kristen Quackenbush522Best FOUR
Kari Caron494Best FOUR
Karen Christensen462Best FOUR
Lindsay Hughes449Best FOUR
Katie Ezell438Best FOUR