Congratulations Cheri Simions on your first place win in the Ladies 2.0 Summer League. Followed by Lisa Shriver in 2nd and Paige Spray at 3rd.
We will have a brief award ceremony on Oct 11th the beginning night of the Fall League. Hope to see some new competitors join the fun on Oct 11th. The Fall League will end on Dec 20th.

Ladies League 2.0 Sept 27th Results and Final Standings    
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Cheri Simmons598486229
Paige Spray516942162
Lisa Shriver568272210
Rena O'Connell577175203
Mystery Shooter516371185
Cindy Contos797346198
Lindsay Hughes512342116
Kristen Quackenbush195056125
Karen Christensen274346116
Barbara Preston313659126
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Cheri Simmons717266209
Paige Spray507185206
Lisa Shriver525847157
Rena O'Connell515158160
Mystery Shooter575759173
Cindy Contos495644149
Lindsay Hughes404535120
Kristen Quackenbush25412894
Karen Christensen412436101
Barbara Preston4332259
Final Standings (summer league)
Cheri Simmons956Best of 4 submitted
Lisa Shriver807Best of 4 submitted
Paige Spray790Best of 4 submitted
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)727Best of 4 submitted
Cindy Contos726Best of 4 submitted
Rena O'Connell708Best of 4 submitted
Karen Christensen542Best of 4 submitted
Cathy Stogner507Best of 4 submitted
Kristen Quackenbush443Best of 4 submitted
Lindsay Hughes428Best of 4 submitted
Melissa Engle427Best of 4 submitted
Terri Fulcher395Best of 4 submitted
Barbara Preston341Best of 4 submitted
Tracy Goodman340Best of 4 submitted
Cortney Christenson44Less than 4 submitted