Ladies the Fall League has begun. You have plenty of time to join in the fun and compete. Again congratulations to Cheri Simmons, Lisa Shriver and Page Spray for their wins in the summer league. The Fall league will end Dec 27. So there is plenty of time to get in the hunt.

Ladies League 2.0 Oct 10th Results    
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Lisa Shriver497072191
Paige Spray623776175
Lynn Bruzdzinski406073173
Kristen Quackenbush306050140
Tracy Goodman174058115
Cathy Stogner484829125
Rena O'Connell452642113
Katie Ezell22245197
Lindsay Hughes274346116
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Lisa Shriver557456185
Paige Spray624366171
Lynn Bruzdzinski383968145
Kristen Quackenbush475271170
Tracy Goodman445867169
Cathy Stogner393172142
Rena O'Connell434141125
Katie Ezell215560136
Lindsay Hughes412436101
Current Standings (Fall League)
Lisa Shriver376Less than 4 submitted
Paige Spray346Less than 4 submitted
Lynn Bruzdzinski318Less than 4 submitted
Kristen Quackenbush310Less than 4 submitted
Tracy Goodman284Less than 4 submitted
Cathy Stogner267Less than 4 submitted
Rena O'Connell238Less than 4 submitted
Katie Ezell233Less than 4 submitted
Lindsay Hughes207Less than 4 submitted