Point Blank Range is proud to announce that two of our staff members have become volunteer instructors for the NC Hunters Education course.  Ally Allbright and Eric Grove have completed the instructor course and will offer the FREE Hunters Education seminar on October 3-5.  It’s a mandatory 10 hour class delivered over three weeknights and is required for all first time hunting license buyers.  You can register here for the free course.  PBR is also a licensed agent of the state of NC where you can buy your hunting and fishing licenses.

Due to hunter education, hunting accidents have decreased by over 50% during the last twenty years making hunting one of the safest recreational activities. This NC certification is accepted in every state and province in North America.  As with all shooting sports disciplines, Point Blank Range stresses safety as the most important consideration when firearms are involved.  Offering this course is just another example of PBR serving the needs of the shooting community in the greater Charlotte and LKN region.

Click here for more information and to register FREE!