Ladies the overall standings have changed slightly. The competition is in full swing. Remember your best four scores are what is recorded. Sept 27th is the end of the summer league so that will be your last chance to upgrade your “best four”.

Ladies League 2.0 Aug 23rd Results    
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Paige Spray528053185
Cindy Contos654474183
Rena O'Connell425467163
Mystery Shooter595652167
Kristin Quackenbush342753114
Karen Christensen22413093
Lindsay Hughes30204292
Barbara Preston16251253
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Paige Spray706462196
Cindy Contos544766167
Rena O'Connell356365163
Mystery Shooter265740123
Kristin Quackenbush433136110
Karen Christensen345028112
Lindsay Hughes16371871
Barbara Preston22273281
Current Standings
Cheri Simmons955Best of 4 submitted
Lisa Shriver784Best of 4 submitted
Paige Spray769Best of 4 submitted
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)714Best of 4 submitted
Cindy Contos683Best of 4 submitted
Rena O'Connell658Best of 4 submitted
Karen Christensen542Best of 4 submitted
Cathy Stogner507Best of 4 submitted
Melissa Engle427Best of 4 submitted
Terri Fulcher395Less than 4 submitted
Tracy Goodman340Best of 4 submitted
Kristen Quackenbush304Best of 4 submitted
Lindsay Hughes290Best of 4 submitted
Barbara Preston260Best of 4 submitted
Cortney Christenson44Less than 4 submitted