Ladies League 2.0 Aug 23rd Results    
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Lisa Shriver675569191
Cheri Simmons728487243
Cindy Contos576853178
Karen Christensen375727121
Cathy Stogner534747147
Lindsay Hughes0121527
Paige Spray636870201
Rena O'Connell95155115
Kristin Quackenbush13202053
Slow FireRapid 20 sec.Rapid 10 secTotal
Cheri Simmons738187241
Karen Christensen295347129
Lisa Shriver348477195
Cathy Stogner33204598
Lindsay Hughes363232100
Cindy Contos595937155
Paige Spray455475174
Rena O'Connell285471153
Kristin Quackenbush522027
Current Standings
Cheri Simmons955Best of 4 submitted
Lisa Shriver784Best of 4 submitted
Mystery Shooter (N.E.)714Best of 4 submitted
Paige Spray697Best of 4 submitted
Cindy Contos637Best of 4 submitted
Rena O'Connell574Best of 4 submitted
Karen Christensen542Best of 4 submitted
Cathy Stogner507Best of 4 submitted
Melissa Engle427Best of 4 submitted
Terri Fulcher395Less than 4 submitted
Tracy Goodman340Best of 4 submitted
Barbara Preston161Less than 4 submitted
Lindsay Hughes127Less than 4 submitted
Kristen Quackenbush80Less than 4 submitted
Cortney Christenson44Less than 4 submitted