Germain Racing continues to hold on to their lead with consistent shooting from all three members. The third match of the series introduced the guys to a pure team event. Whereby all three members were to keep one designated shooter fed with one round magazines, all within a 30 second window. The goal was to stack up as many hits as possible on a single steel plate. Each hit removed 2 seconds from the teams overall time. Congratulations to the Earnhardt Ganassi Racing team for the most hits in thirty seconds. It was a fun event to watch.

Motorsports Team Challenge August 22 Results     
TeamsAug 8thAug 15thAug 22ndAug 29thTotal
Germain Racing88.1375.770.970234.8
Earnhardt Ganassi Racing101.7494.9578.640275.33
Joe Gibbs Racing112.5985.9697.140295.69
Earnhardt Ganassi Racing FAB119.7107.32106.540333.56
Petty Motorsports186.3188.16100.940375.41
Team Ingorsol Rand154.88121.96136.250413.09
Roush Fenway Racing230.75144.9199.290474.95