This July 4th marks the end of Point Blank Range’s first year open in Mooresville.  Independence Day is always a huge celebration for our country as we celebrate the birth of our great nation.  It means even more to us now as it also represents the birth of a dream for Jim and I.  On behalf of my partner, Jim Litsey, myself and our entire staff, I would like to thank all our loyal members and customers for their support and patronage throughout the last year.  Being here to meet your firearms related needs and just meeting you all has been a joy for me and the whole PBR family.

During the year many things have happened as the business has grown and worked hard to figure out who we are and what the shooting community wishes us to be.  We have successfully certified our entire staff as NRA Range Safety Officers and have three Chief Range Safety Officers on staff as well.  That was something Jim and I were adamant about completing to ensure our staff is trained and prepared to handle all range safety situations.  Being NRA RSO’s means our folks are committed to your safety and theirs and why our indoor range is one of the safest places for you to enjoy the shooting sports anywhere.

Another accomplishment has been certifying all of our staff in at least one NRA discipline (most have multiple disciplines).  From pistol, rifle and shotgun to Home Firearms Safety and Refuse to be a Victim, our staff is one of the best trained and most well rounded groups of folks you’ll find in any gun store or range.  Anywhere!  I’m not afraid to say it and it makes me extremely proud to work with this fine group of individuals.  It also proves our commitment to quality instruction, training and advice for everyone who comes to Point Blank Range for their shooting sports needs.  All of us here are shooting enthusiast and we understand your questions, concerns and are committed to giving you proven, well rounded advice on all firearms related subjects.  Not just a bunch of opinions but facts and knowledge from a long list of certifications and training.

This year has meant a lot of adjustments to our inventory and offers.  Responding to your requests and interests we have moved away from some products and expanded in others.  We have quality tactical lights, apparel, lasers, optics, holsters, safes, accessories and of course guns.  Lots of guns!  From an affordable .22LR plinker to a custom full size 1911 from Nighthawk we have hundreds of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols to choose from.  Something for everyone.  We stock more than a dozen rifle and shotgun manufactures like Rock River Arms, Daniel Defense, S&W, Sig Sauer, H&K, Ruger, FNH, Kriss, DPMS, Remington, Savage and  Mossberg.  If it has to do with shooting we can get it for you.

Another note worthy accomplishment for our first year is our widely successful Women on Target program.  We’ve graduated several Distinguished Expert shooters already and they’re moving on to bulls-eye and steel plate shooting.  Working with so many new handgun shooters and helping them develop critical gun safety habits and shooting skills has been exciting and rewarding to our instructors.  Seeing many of these accomplished women master shooting skills and apply those skills to competitive shooing matches has been a lot of fun for us.  Almost as much fun as the ladies are having with their new found skills.

Ruger Rimfire began for us in May with about 27 shooters in the first match.  In June we had almost all the May participants back and a bunch of new folks that heard about all the fun and just had to get in on the excitement of steel plate shooting with .22’s.  This league is on its way to doubling in participation in July so check it out on our site and join in the fun.  We’re the only range in the area offering Ruger Rimfire competitions and all in the comfort of our conditioned range!

We held the inaugural Motorsports Team Challenge in April and it was a hit.  Teams of shooters representing their motorsports teams, flying their team colors, shot it out over five weeks to crown Red Horse Racing champs for now.  We expect twice as many teams for the second season in August and these guys can’t wait to see who’s got the fastest guns in Race City USA.

In honor of Independence Day and Point Blank Range’s first birthday, beginning today and lasting thru next Thursday, we will have a store full of specials featuring some of the best products the industry has to offer.  Too many to mention here so come in and check out our week long Independence Day/Anniversary Sale.  On the 4th we will have in store product demos so you can learn from our staff all about the great products we’re featuring this week.  We’ll also have a little challenge for you back in the range.  Test your marksmanship and win a chance for a Free gun!  We’ll have other prizes too like Monthly Memberships, Free classes and more.  We already have a reputation for knowing how to have fun while shooting stuff and we plan to please again this July 4th.

Special thanks to all the Point Blank Range staff for hanging in thru all the long days and nights and weeks and months.  While we still have a long way to go we have come far together in our first year.  Thanks to Jeff, Ally, Troy, Eric, Mike, Eric, Morey, Scott, Bennett, Joe, Tricia, Christie, Jesse, Cory, Brenda, Artie and new comers Bob and Gil (in “close” order of hiring).  These folks love shooting, guns and teaching: that’s why they do it!

Lastly, I want to thank my family for all the support and patience during the past two and a half years.  It’s been long hours and sacrifices and they have all been behind me encouraging me and allowing me to make this dream a reality.  I’m sure Jim would echo these same sentiments to his family as well if he was writing this.  Thank you Maureen and Jana, Kaitlyn, Jonathon, Meghan, Patrick and Colby.  Thank you Jim for all your efforts behind the scenes which go mostly unrewarded.  I only wish you could be at the store and range more to enjoy the fruits of all our labors.  It’s truly rewarding and a lot of fun.

Dave Driscoll
General Manager Point Blank Range