If you aren’t a regular visitor of our website and FaceBook page, and you really should be, we held the inaugural Motorsports Team Challenge here at Point Blank Range in April.  It was five weeks of shooting with mostly inexperienced, at least to pistol competitions, members of the motorsports industry.  We had 3 man teams from Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing, JR Motorsports and Red Horse Racing shooting a steel plate match five consecutive weeks, best aggregate team time for all five events was used to crown Red Horse Racing Champions.  You can view their trophy at our range.  I feel comfortable saying these guys had a blast!  As did we hosting them and putting on the competition.  Don’t take my word for it though, check out this video shot by our own Director of Training, Troy Perry, at the final night of the Challenge. http://youtu.be/fUP-Xp2Dz_c

During the five weeks the teams and our staff shared  the joys of competitive pistol shooting of the steel plate kind.  If you haven’t ever done it, put it on your bucket list!  The buzzer sounds, the muscles tighten up, sweat beads up on the brow and lead flies down range at five 12” steel plates each producing the ringing sound of a hit.  The most fun I’ve ever personally had shooting pistols!  Most folks that have done it agree.  We are very much looking forward to our second league of The Motorsports Team Challenge this August, it looks like the number of participating teams is expanding and it promises to be bigger and better the second time around.

I want to mention two members of the PBR team who are responsible for creating, organizing and pulling off this exciting shooting competition.  Eric Taylor, PBR Range Operations Manager and Mike Denney, PBR Competition Director, started planning this league last fall and it took a while to get off the ground.  Both of these guys felt so strongly about the potential for this event it gave them the fortitude to stick with it all winter and make it happen this past spring.  Special thanks to Ed Watkins of Earnhardt –Ganassi Racing and Butch Hylton of Red Horse Racing for their efforts in recruiting and helping to organize the league.  See you guys in August!