This week’s sales feature two really nice Ruger .22LR handguns suitable for any shooter from 8 to 80.  The LCR .22 is an 8 shot revolver chambered in .22 LR, undoubtedly the most widely produced and least expensive ammo you can buy.  That fact alone means in today’s economy, .22LR makes sense!  The other is the very popular SR22 also chambered in .22LR.  This semi-automatic pistol has a capacity of 10+1.

Both of these handguns can provide hours of inexpensive shooting fun.  If you’re just into plinking the .22LR is your best choice.  The round is very accurate at short distances, say up to 25 yards at your favorite local indoor shooting facility, or out on the farm where you have an appropriate backstop for shooting.  Don’t underestimate the .22LR, this bullet can travel up to a mile if not safely contained by shooting into a suitable backstop.  Other great characteristics of the .22LR round is low recoil and noise.  If you’re used to shooting larger caliber handguns and rifles then you know how fatiguing extended practice sessions can be.  The average shooter can only maintain  good practice habits up to about 200 rounds before fatigue sets in and good habits start to fade into bad habits.  And in most larger calibers 200 rounds can be pretty costly.  With a .22 you can shoot all day and the low recoil, low noise, low ammo costs and relatively light weight of these two .22’s won’t wear you or your wallet out.

Another important point to consider is personal defense practice with a .22LR pistol.  You’re probably not going to choose one of these handguns to defend yourself with but you could save a lot of cash and still practice personal defense shooting skills with either a revolver or semi-automatic platform.  Of course you will want to save some time, energy and shooting budget to practice with your personal protection firearm.  See this week’s sales for some great deals on the Ruger SR22 and LCR22 at Point Blank Range.