Our training spotlight this week is a class we developed here at Point Blank Range; The Art of Concealed Carry.  So,  what do you do to prepare yourself for carrying concealed once you get your permit?  Do you already have a gun appropriate for carrying concealed?  Do you have the gear required for concealed carry (holster, apparel, personal defense ammo, etc.)?  How are you preparing yourself in the event you feel it necessary to deploy your firearm from a concealed position and defend yourself and loved ones effectively?

The Art of Concealed Carry is instruction everyone should have to answer these questions.  Getting the permit is just the first step.  It allows you to legally carry a firearm concealed for personal protection.  The NC CHP class does not address the questions posed here.  It’s not meant to.  What you do after you get your permit is much more critical to your preparedness than getting the permit.  Don’t sell yourself short or make the mistake of not getting proper instruction and training to ensure you are fully prepared for the huge responsibility of carrying a firearm in public and potentially having to defend yourself with it.  Not as easy as most folks assume it is.

Our NRA certified instructors have years of experience in this arena and we take the subject very seriously.  We think you will too.  We offer many vital NRA classes that show you how to be better prepared.  We have other classes that instruct you in the skills necessary to realistically defend yourself with a firearm regardless of your level of experience.  I invite you to check out the course descriptions on our website and consider training and instruction pertinent to you and your firearms related needs.  We have The Art of Concealed Carry is coming up on the 23rd of May and Emergency Preparedness 101 is scheduled for June 6th.

Another step in raising your level of preparedness is practice.  After you learn a skill its necessary to practice the new skill to develop muscle memory and a mental state that will allow you to react in a stressful threatening situation.  That’s something we don’t see enough of on the range.  Everyone has a routine or shooting drills they like to practice when they come to the range.  Most people don’t seem to incorporate practical skills into their range activities however.  Our instructors will show you the drills you should be practicing to maintain your newly acquired skills.  Just like in sports, practice is essential to you preparedness and being prepared isn’t a luxury or an option, it’s your responsibility.

Click here for more information or to register for The Art of Concealed Carry class.

Click here for more information or to register for Emergency Preparedness 101 class.