Ruger Rimfire Shooting Competitions are designed to be fun and safe shooting matches for the entire family. Incorporating both .22 LR pistols and rifles, courses of fire are created with safety as the top priority, but feature fun scenarios that meet any shooter’s skill level. Whether you are new to shooting, or have become a seasoned pro, Ruger Rimfire matches will be an entertaining experience for you, your family members and friends.

Point Blank Range is excited to announce the results from our very first match. I feel safe in saying everyone had a lot of fun. On behalf of the entire staff at PBR I want to thank all the competitors that came out for our inaugural match and congratulate our top shooters for May!

The next match is scheduled for June 12th. You can register for that date by clicking here. We plan to cap this date at 40 shooters and when the 12th is closed, registration for June 26th will show up on the calendar and we will begin accepting shooters for that date. You can only shoot one of those dates for the June match. The two dates will be combined and make up the entire pool of shooters for June’s match.

We plan to have a Ruger Rimfire match every month this year and if all goes as planned, we will host the North Carolina Ruger Rimfire State Championship at the end of 2012. More details will be posted on our website and FaceBook page at a later date.

Here are the results for the May Ruger Rimfire Match. Congratulations to Scott Whitehead for best overall time.

NameOpenLimitedCategoryStg # 1 (rifle)Stg # 2 (pistol) 
Scott WhiteheadX15.1617.3132.47
Jeremy HinmanX12.0822.5934.67
Daniel JonesX14.3820.3834.76
Chuck FogleX13.9325.5139.44
Brent JohnsonX21.5220.9642.48
Sara MettsXJ22.0221.5343.55
Stephen YehX20.7523.8144.56
Robert StognerX19.0625.7744.83
Bob MettsX17.5127.6245.13
Ryan ChristensenXJ19.1432.5951.73
Jimmy DeatonXS23.2229.4852.70
Scott DouglasX17.1235.7152.83
Al BleyenbergXS25.7828.7354.51
Carl GoodmanX20.1334.6654.79
Cheri SimmonsXL21.7134.0555.76
Garth WalshX16.1639.6955.85
Marshall HendersonX13.2143.2956.50
Brent JohnsonX17.9840.7858.76
Fred WermuthXS25.6640.7566.41
Jonathan FogleXY24.9841.7866.76
Cat StognerXL34.6832.8967.57
Lee EvansX28.3752.8081.17
Ronnie DouglasXL36.3870.39106.77
Barbara PrestonXL48.8971.96120.85
J = juniorY = youthL = ladyS = senior