Point Blank Range Training Academy announces two new training opportunities!

The first is the NRA FIRST Steps Rifle Orientation [M4 Carbine] class. (Click here to register for the next class.)

We’re especially pleased to introduce Jesse Brown, a full time associate and NRA Certified Instructor here at Point Blank Range, as our resident MSR guru. In this class Jesse will conduct the standard NRA FIRST Steps Rifle class but with an emphasis on the M4 Carbine.  In addition to the standard class, Jesse will also cover a little of the history and evolution from the 1950’s version of Eugene Stoner’s M16 to the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR), the M4. He will also talk in depth about its versatility, and why this rifle platform is so popular. Marksmanship is a big part of NRA FIRST Steps Rifle class, and there will be shooting practical exorcise where you can shoot your own MSR or one of ours.  Jesse will also teach you all about the accessories and cool stuff that make the M4 appealing to so many.

Some interesting facts that you will learn about the M-4:

Adopted by the U.S. Army in the mid-1990s, the M4 assault rifle is a modern version of the M16, which U.S. soldiers have been using in battle since the Vietnam War. The most current version of the M16 – the M16A2 “Commando” – is the combat rifle of choice for the U.S. Marine Corps.

The M4 and M16 rifles have 80% of the same parts, making them very similar rifles. The M4 has proven popular among soldiers because of its compact size, which is helpful in close-quarter firefights and allows for easy movement in combat zones. The M4 is chambered in the NATO 5.56mm.

The M4 has also benefited from its customization. Current versions of the rifle offer several attachments, including sight mounts, flashlights, grenade launchers, and shotguns. The rifle has also earned a reputation for having excellent accuracy – out scoring the rival AK-47 combat rifle in several tests.

(This course is a combination course that includes the NRA’s national standard of training for safety and marksmanship along with the instructor’s professional experience with a concentration on the M4.  The NRA does not have a specific designation for a class on the M4.  However, NRA FIRST Steps classes are designed to focus on a particular firearm for the duration of the class.  Due to the demand for more information about the M4, Point Blank Range has dedicated some of our NRA FIRST Steps Rifle classes to focus on the M4 platform that is the Modern Sporting Rifle [MSR]. )

Another new class we’re really excited about is Emergency Preparedness 101. (Click here to register for the next class.)

In this class Eric Taylor will share with you how to prepare for a natural disaster and the items you will need to survive  without electricity, water and the day to day things we tend to take for granted. It doesn’t have to be scary if your prepared!

In the last few years, our region has experienced high wind storms like never before, and these storms can cause fires, power outages and property destruction.  We have also witnessed other uncommon but natural disasters all over the globe and in places that were not marred by mother nature in the past.  Devastation brought about by weather anomalies can happen randomly and quickly, and being prepared for this type of emergency is important.

Point Blank Range now offers training for those unforeseen situations when being prepared can mean the difference between comfort and misery or maybe even, life and death.  This class will get you started by helping you build a plan, and it will give you the peace of mind that you have taken steps to protect your family.  You will learn how to build the proper “Go Bag”, how to safely store water and food and how much you will need for the people for which you need to provide.