In 2005 the Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement has no duty to protect a citizen from harm even if that citizen has an order of protection, (Castle Rock v. Gonzales, No. 04-278). I will spare you the gruesome details of the murder of three children and a father committing suicide-by-cop, but suffice it to say that after repeated pleas with law enforcement went unheard, a mother is grieving. When the Supreme Court made this ruling they laid the responsibility of personal safety directly on each of our own doorsteps, but this act just made it official.

Since the first days of Prefects in China thousands of years ago, right up to today’s modern law enforcement agencies, one thing has always remained true: a cop is never around when you need one. This is not a slight on Police Officers, for they do a dangerous job and most, frankly, would step into harms way to protect a citizen even though they have no legal obligation. The problem is we would need a lot more police to ensure crime never happens. The fact is, we rely on law enforcement to help with the aftermath of a crime. We look to them to put the pieces together and help catch the bad guys, and I personally thank them for this service. But how does all of this effect the average citizen?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theorizes that after physiological desires, such as food and clothing, are met, safety and security are next. So if you are warm and not hungry, you are naturally driven to make sure your environment is safe. Have some children and watch this desire intensify. Unfortunately, our society has been lead to believe that we are safe from bad people because we have law enforcement. So, once you realize that law enforcement will not always be there to help you, you must take the responsibility upon yourself. How do you do this?

Here’s some good news, safety and security can be purchased, but unfortunately ultimate safety is neither cheap nor convenient. So, you are left with finding a reasonable approach to personal safety, and fortunately we live in a society that encourages ordinary people to invent extraordinary things, and there is an entire market that is designed to satiate your thirst for security. From panic alarms to panic rooms, the American security industry has you covered. You can buy alarm monitoring systems that talk directly to criminals, you can have cameras that send you text messages when there is movement in a covered area, and then allow you to view it on your smart phone. You can also purchase personal safety devices like rape whistles, pepper spray, stun guns, edged weapons. and an assortment of defensive firearms. All designed to make you feel more secure in your everyday lives, but ask yourself this: do you know how to use any of these products that make you feel so secure? Have you trained yourself on how to use them? Do you know the safety protocols for ownership and handling? When was the last time you cleaned it, practiced with it or even looked at it?

If the answers to these question leave you feeling a little ashamed, or you feel a little remiss for not being more self reliant; you can benefit from seeking some professional advice about personal safety. Here at Point Blank Range, we are dedicated to American ideals, personal safety and family values, and as a result have an extensive array of classes for anyone seeking training in personal safety. Whether you are looking for more information about how to secure your home, how to shoot with defensive accuracy or simply make your firearms safe, we are here, and I encourage you to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members about our catalog of classes.