Course Title: 2 Day Defensive Handgun Marksmanship
Course Prefix: DHM-2D
Cost: $250
Age: 21+

The 2 Day Defensive Handgun Marksmanship Course at Point Blank Range is a performance-based program that addresses the needs of each individual student as may be needed to defend their life in a worst-case scenario.  Throughout these 2 days of in-depth training, students will break through plateaus and learn in a manner that will challenge them while building their confidence should they ever find themselves in a defensive situation.  Upon completion of the course, students will see improvements in accuracy, manipulation, and problem-solving skills.

Each student should have a good understanding of firearms safety prior to attending.

Material covered:
Firearm Safety
Grip & Sight alignment
Trigger Control Diagnostics
Holster Drawing Fundamentals
Speed Reloads
Malfunction Clearance
Shooting Under Stress
Multiple Target Engagement
Speed Drawing & Timed Drills
Strong Hand Only Shooting
Timed Drills

Required Equipment:
OWB holster – sturdy, non-collapsing leather or Kydex (no nylon & preferably no IWB)
1,000 rounds of ammunition
3 magazines or Speed-loaders and pouches
Semi-automatic Pistol or Revolver
Pen and paper
Positive attitude and open mind

Registration and prepayment are required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.

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Dates TBD