2 Day Combat Handgun Marksmanship

2 Day Combat Handgun Marksmanship

Instructor: Daniel Richardson (see full bio)

Cost: $400

Age: 21+

Developed by Chief Instructor Daniel Richardson, Combat Handgun Marksmanship is a course designed for the students who carry a firearm on daily basis and want to become more proficient. Using proven real world relevant drills & tactics. This course will focus on achieving a high level of marksmanship under critical stress. Designed for the every day concealed carrier and armed professional, this course will de-bunk firearms training myths and focus on the most effective ways to end the gun fight should you encounter one. You may only get one shot, are you good enough to make it count?? Register now to find out!

Material Covered:

Firearm safety brief

Holster drawing fundamentals

Accuracy drills

Timed drills

Movement offline

Shooting from retention

Multiple target engagement

Barricade drills

One handed marksmanship drills

Gaining the reactionary advantage

OODA loop concept

*Student will be evaluated during timed evolutions throughout the course to track progress. A Minimum score must be met during the final drill on Day Two to successfully pass the course & move on to higher level advanced training programs.

Equipment needed:

Quality belt

Kydex holster

Semi auto handgun (9mm or higher)

800 rounds of ammo

Positive attitude and open mind

Pen and paper

Registration and prepayment are required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.


The 2-Day Combat Handgun Marksmanship course developed by Daniel Richardson is a superior training experience.  This course is the newest offering in the defensive pistol series and packs an abundance of skill building and challenging new drills into a single weekend…… (click here to see full review)

I thought I was a good shooter until I took this class!…..(Click here to see full review)

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Saturday & Sunday – October 10 & 11, 2020 (9am-5pm)


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