1911 – Trigger Build Class with KC Crawford

Course Title: 1911 Trigger Build Class with KC Crawford

Course Prefix:  1911TKC

Cost:  $150

Age: 21+

1911 Trigger Build Class with KC Crawford

Point Blank Range Matthews is offering a very special class for the first time. An opportunity to learn how to create the prefect trigger for your 1911 from a member of the American Pistol-smith’s Guild.

Who is KC Crawford?

I have been building custom pistols since 1984.
Retired Marine with 22 years of service
USMC 2112 Rifle Team Equipment Repairman.
Former Chief Instructor of the pistol section at the RTE shop at Quantico, Va.
Benefactor member of the NRA.

My shop is now located in Maysville, NC and has been in business since 2007. I started out learning on an OJT (on the job training) program in 1984 at the RTE shop in Quantico, Virginia. At that time, I developed my love and passion for the 1911 platform and continue to develop better ways and processes to make it a more accurate pistol.

I barreled and tuned the trigger in the pistol that Brian “Gunny” Zins won his 11th NRA Outdoor Championship with, and built the trigger in the pistol he shot to win his 12th Championship.

Trigger Build Class

The purpose of this course is to give you the information needed to build a quality trigger in your 1911.  I will cover all the interaction of parts and give you the knowledge of how everything operates and interacts so you’ll be able to understand and build a trigger to feel the way you want.  I will have quality parts sets available for purchase so you can build a “crisp” or a “roll” style of release trigger in your pistol.

If you have your own sear jig and stones bring them.  I will have a couple of sear jigs and various stones available for use during the class.  Also, if you have other tools you normally use to take the bottom end of your pistol apart bring them as well.

A mainspring pin tool (080-850-000WB Mainspring Housing Tool, and a plunger tool 100-003-708WB Armorer Tool, Black) both from Brownell’s make the disassembly and reassembly of your pistol much easier.

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